Impact Consulting uses business psychology to facilitate positive change.

We help businesses and individuals in five core areas:

Assessing talent

  • Job analysis & design

This is a high level process we use to identify
the knowledge, skills and abilities required for a
particular job.

  • Generating job descriptions & person specifications

From the job analysis a person specification and job
description can be developed, giving huge benefits
including greatly enhanced person-job fit and
protection from litigation.

  • Application form design

Using the intelligence from the job analysis we can
design application forms to greatly increase the
chances of a successful appointment.

  • Assessment centre design & delivery

Our assessment centres help employers assess and
select the right people for their organisation, saving
them money and time.

  • Attracting a diverse workforce

The most successful organisations have a diverse
workforce. Let us help you to attract the right skills and
people to your business by designing and delivering
your assessment needs.

  • Psychometric testing

We are one of the industry leaders in effective psychometric testing. This is an important tool for an employer and hugely valuable in key appointments.

Building leadership

  • Development centres

Our development centres are specially written programmes designed to measure the skills and behaviours of employees. Focusing on the training and development needs of individuals, they increase self awareness and create a development plan. The plan includes goals and objectives which are reviewed regularly, helping organisations to optimise skills and manage their talent. High level coaching afterwards ensures that the development continues to be successfully applied.

Tailored to your needs, techniques include:

  • Personality questionnaires
    • WAVE
    • MBTI
    • OPQ 32
    • FIRO B
    • 360 degree feedback
    • Competency based interviews
  • Psychometric tests
    • Numerical reasoning
    • Verbal reasoning
    • Abstract reasoning
    • Role play
  • Development activities
    • Role group discussion exercises
    • Fact finding exercises
    • In-tray exercises
    • Analysis and presentation exercises
  • Action learning sets

This a unique programme using action learning, and has very powerful results. Based on three key elements; action, learning and support; the programme takes the participants through a ‘live challenge’. This will have a high organisational priority. Members get together every 4-6 weeks to question, comment and learn from each other. The programme is designed to stretch and meet personal, as well as professional, learning objectives. This programme is very successful.

  • Leadership development

We truly understand how effective leadership influences the bottom line. In groups or one to one, we can work at the highest level to bring out the very best from organisational leaders. This can be measured in return on investment.

  • Management skills training

Working together we can build the skills of the management team to provide direction, support, development and motivation to all colleagues. This helps the organisation and all within it to be more successful.

  • Board development

Our reputation for working at board level to develop their skills, capabilities and leadership is unrivalled. Personal and team development, objective setting and a true understanding how to work together to maximise the success of the business underpin our work at board level. Achieving commercial objectives and helping our clients to lead their businesses, especially in times of change or recession, is an area in which we specialise.

Coaching for performance

  • Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC)

We specialise in CBC and understand how to use this coaching method to bring maximum success for the individual in working on specific behaviours.

  • Stress management

Stress is one of the biggest causes of employee absence. Identifying and working to eliminate the causes of stress is hugely beneficial and helps our clients to build a happier workforce and retain key colleagues.

  • Executive coaching

This is done on a one to one basis and gives invaluable support and development for senior managers and business leaders. We work within the British Psychological Society code of practice giving our clients the highest quality professional service. Increasing pressure in today’s business world can place extra demands on even the most talented individual. Executive coaching helps to develop, increase performance, increase productivity and find solutions to complex challenges.

  • Career coaching

We help our clients to develop strategies to achieve career goals.

  • Life coaching

Helping our clients to understand their life and work goals and objectives and how to achieve them. Overcoming entrenched thoughts, behaviours and limiting beliefs. Creating personal and professional development plans to achieve success.

  • Business coaching

Coaching within a business is a very powerful tool for changing behaviours and creating supportive environments for learning and development. We believe that if applied, the coaching model can be transformational. Working in teams or individually, we help organisations to apply these techniques for greater success.

  • Career guidance

Helping individuals pursue and achieve their career objectives.

  • CV Development

We work together to create a powerful CV, helping clients to make a positive first impression and stand out in the recruitment process.

  • Interview skills training

Helping interviewers and interviewees increase their capabilities and be much more effective. Invaluable for those wanting to make that all important impression.

Developing organisations

  • Culture change programmes

Most culture change programmes do not succeed because the momentum and the will to change is lost. We believe that this process is a permanent journey. We have extensive experience in helping organisations to truly change attitudes and behaviours and sustain the new ways of thinking and working. We know how to overcome resistance and keep the business focused on its path. Our programmes combine intensive leadership support and organisational development.

  • Managing change

The best organisations embrace change as the norm. We work closely with teams and individuals to manage the process and overcome resistance to change.

  • Improving organisational well being

Impact Consulting specialise in organisational wellbeing, which leads to increased performance.

  • Facilitating business planning

To succeed in the current economic climate, organisations need to construct and sustain a powerful business plan from which good business decisions are made. We help organisations by showing how to structure and write successful business plans.

  • Programme evaluation

How to successfully evaluate programmes and act on learning. We show you how.

  • Customer service experience training

Customer service excellence is what makes some organisations stand out from the rest. We provide training to develop these key behaviours and to ensure that it is a cultural change. Our approach gives individuals confidence and improved communication skills. Ensuring that customer service excellence always delivers bottom line benefits.

  • Appraisal design and training

Appraisals form a vital part of the continuous development process. Our experienced consultants work with organisations to develop appraisal skills and to design a robust process.

Uniting teams

  • Developing teams

We look at how teams work together strategically and operationally by conducting diagnostic interviews. Using our unique development tools we develop understanding and appreciation of similarity, difference and personal styles. Our training focuses on successful outcomes and performance, and enhancing teams for whole organisational benefit.

  • Conflict to collaboration

We are respected for our work in conflict resolution. We are often brought in to bring about collaboration and mutual understanding. This sensitive area is one in which we specialise and have extensive experience in handling delicate situations.

  • 360 degree feedback

An essential tool for full assessment and understanding of performance. We have developed methods of helping our clients to undertake this most thorough of processes to improve performance.


In addition to our own specialist skill set we also work closely with the following affiliate companies:

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Recruitment consultants

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Project management & marketing