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Organisational Behaviour Audit (OBA)

The Organisational Behaviour Audit (OBA) is a unique online survey instrument for 'taking the temperature' of your organisation. OBA explores occurrences of, and perceptions of, challenging behaviours.

It is a completely anonymous on-line survey tool which encourages frank and honest responses.

OBA is an intelligent questionnaire which responds to scores on well-being and targets emergent problem areas such as: personal harassment, work related and managerial harassment and intimidation. It also assesses overall organisational climate and stress levels in addition to individual personality factors of respondents. Satisfied employees are routed away from negative areas and irrelevant questioning.

Following completion a comprehensive report is created along with recommendations for positive action. These can involve a combination of cognitive behavioural coaching for individuals and group development workshops at team level.

In all cases the benefits focus on shifting perceptions from habituated negative outlooks towards empowered change and increased self-responsibility in behaviour.

For more information on OBA or to trial the questionnaire or read a sample report please contact Dr Phil Bardzil.

Psychologica™ Online Tools

Psychologica™ is a unique range of integrated online tools for increasing effectiveness – in individuals, teams and whole organisations. The emphasis is on creating balance across a number of key skill areas, leading to improved clarity, harmony and performance in your organisation.


  • ‘Perspectives’ range of on-line diagnostic 360 instruments complete with comprehensive personalised feedback reports
  • ‘Links’ range of survey tools to help integrate leadership style, staff climate and service quality outcomes in organisations
  • ‘Zones’ range of development tools and techniques for coaches and HTR practitioners, covering each area of the model
  • Training for practitioners in use of Psychologica tools and techniques
  • Full range of support materials – as downloads or amalgamated as a hard copy ‘coaches companion’
  • Bureau and management service for all products available from Impact Consulting Psychologists

Used for

  • Leadership Development
  • Board Development
  • Career Development
  • Strategy Formation
  • Problem Solving
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Enhancing Service Quality Climate
  • Enabling Cultural and Structural Change
  • Supporting Coaching Programmes
  • Structured Workshop Curriculum

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Resulting from £500,000 of research investment and subsequent validation through extensive peer review, this is, to our knowledge, one of the most well researched and validated approaches to integrated individual and organisational development available in the UK.

Developed by Dr Phil Bardzil, at Manchester Business School, the Psychologica Model™ emerged from analysis of customers’ perceptions of service quality and is designed to enhance the organisational and leadership factors which impact them.

Create balance and well-being in your business, through improving clarity and increasing harmony to build sustainable growth.

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